During Joe Orsini’s (BPC trainer) first meet competing in the North American Strongman (NAS) circuit, he placed 2nd and qualified for the NAS National Championship.  The Beast of the Bluegrass competition, held in Lawrenceburg, KY on May 18,2013 consisted of the following five events: Log Press, Farmers Carry, 18″ Deadlift, Tire Flip and Atlas Stones.  The results from the competition are reflected below.
Meet: Beast of the Bluegrass
Location: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Weight Class: 105kg
5 events

1) 230lbs Log Press for Reps – 8 reps, 2nd place

2) 250lbs in each hand Farmers Carry for distance- 154 feet, 1st place

3) Max 18″ Deadlift – 675lbs, 6th place
4) 200lb Sand Bag Carry for 50ft to 225lb keg carry for 50 ft to 700lb tire flip for 50ft – 3rd place
5) Atlas Stone load to various heights 220lbs to 240lbs to 275lbs to 305lbs to 360lbs – 28 sec, 3rd place
Overall- 2nd place, Qualified for the North American Strongman National Championship