Chicago’s Top Training Center – Rated #1 Training Center in Chicago

With over 23 years of experience BPC helps their clients reach their goals and full potential through their expertise and extensive education in the field of exercise science and sports medicine. The coaching staff at BPC includes some of the country’s most renowned sports performance coaches and personal trainers. In addition to a first-class team, our 25,000 sq. ft facility houses a State-of-the-art training room, 50 yards of pro turf, cardiovascular machines, 3 private showers, towel service, physical therapy as well as, some of the most innovative strength & therapy equipment available today.

Benefits of Collaborating with BPC

  • Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Maximize your results with minimal amount of time
  • Increase your flexibility and core strength
  • Have the body and fitness level you have always wanted
  • Be in better shape in your 40s and 50s then you were in your 20’s
  • Fit into that bikini you always wanted to, go down 4 dress sizes, change your waist from the 40 you have been to the 32 you want to be
  • Get the motivation you need to stick with your program
  • Prevent Injuries and become more active
  • Take control of your life

Invest in yourself – Do something today that your future self will THANK YOU FOR!