t12I am a 55 year old orthopaedic surgeon, handball player and sports junkie. About 6 years ago I started developing minor back issues probably from all the years of performing surgery in an upright position. I tried varying my workouts to help strengthen my back but that did not seem to work. I then tried various yoga, and Pilates instructors and other personal trainers but that did not help either. A patient of mine told me about Bystol Performance Center so I met with the owner Mike Bystol. He did a series of thorough physical evaluation tests on me to determine a client specific workout program and to assign me to the appropriate trainer. I informed Mike that I wanted the best, as I had already been through a litany of other trainers, instructors etc. He assured me he BPC has simply changed my life in the sense that I am much stronger and physically fit. My back issues have virtually disappeared as BPC has addressed them with a scientific approach. I cannot say enough good things about BPC If you want a demanding, effective trainer who gets you the results you are looking for then BPC is your place. They are simply the best!

Steven D. Levin, MD. Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine