While both personal trainers and sports performance trainers work to improve a client’s physical health, there are some slight differences between the two that can make selecting one over the other the right decision for you.

Personal Training

Personal trainers help you get the job done faster. Based on your goals, they help set a plan for you to best get those goals achieved. Personal trainers will create a custom routine for you to follow with exercises that help you reach your goals faster.

They also make sure that you are doing these exercises correctly, to avoid injury and allow the exercise to be fully effective. By teaching you the proper forms and techniques for these exercises, they are helping your achieve your goals faster, while also preventing injuries.

Exercise isn’t the only thing personal trainers help you with. They also help with overall health, including fitness and nutrition. They teach you what to eat and how proper nutrition can help you achieve your goals easier than exercise alone.

inner4567A major benefit of a personal trainer is the motivation. Their job is to keep you motivated to meet your goal, and that motivation is a lot more helpful than most people realize. They are meant to help you succeed and reach your goals, so watching you actually do this is a win for them as well. They want to help you, so they will push you hard and make sure you are pushing yourself even harder.

Sports Performance Training

Sports performance training is similar to personal training in that they both are helping you obtain a physical fitness goal. But sports performance training focuses on the sport, the position, and how to best help an athlete improve their performance during competition.

Unlike personal trainers, sports performance trainers use special techniques to help improve upon certain skills that you would use in your chosen sport. They customise your workout plan to help improve your speed, stamina, strength, and agility.

Some sports performance trainers even help in other aspects of an athlete’s life, teaching them how to balance their sport with their family and social life. Others may help athletes with confidence on the field and staying motivated.

Sports performance trainers can work with one athlete individually or they can work with a group of athletes. Depending on the size of the group the exercise changes, but the goal is always the same. When working with a group, the goal leans more towards improving basic skills and strengths. When working individually, the goal becomes more personalized and focuses on skills the athlete feels they need to improve.

While personal trainers and sports performance trainers are both there to help improve your physical health and teach you different techniques, they do different things, focus on different things, and help you in different areas of fitness and health.

A personal trainer is going to help you reach your overall fitness goals: motivating you to keep those goals, teaching you how to exercises correctly, and helping you put nutrition and exercise together to make your goal achievable faster.

A sports performance trainer is going to be more focused on the sport an athlete plays, setting a personalized fitness plan to help with endurance, strength, and anything else involving the sport.