deskerciseIt is hard staying active, especially with your busy schedule. When are you supposed to fit a workout in when you are rushing kids to school, rushing to work, picking the kids up from school and bringing them to multiple activities, rushing back home, starting dinner, getting the kids ready for bed, and having some time to relax yourself at the end of the day? It is hard to find time.

But you can stay active during the day without even having to get up from your desk. There are simple workouts you can do throughout your day that will help you feel less guilty about skipping the gym.

At Your Desk

Sitting at a desk all day is not ideal, you get restless and burn less calories than if you were standing or walking around. But you can still stay active while getting your work done, and it is simpler than you think.

Some of these exercises can be done without even having to get out of your chair. Start by straightening one leg out in front of you, hold for a few seconds and bring it down but don’t let it touch the floor, do this about 15 times per legs, this will help strengthen ab muscles and stretch your legs.

Tightening your ab muscles, or buttocks, and holding for a few seconds can also help tone these areas. This is something that can be done all day long and not a single one of your coworkers will notice. It may not be as effective as doing squats or crunches, but it is better than nothing while sitting at your desk.

If you are on the phone a lot at work, you have the freedom to be on your feet during calls; walking around while on these calls is even a workout compared to sitting all day. You can also do simple workouts while standing at your desk. Do calf raises- go up on your tippy toes, hold for a few second and then lower yourself, this will help strengthen your calves and requires minimal movement. Squats, tricep dips, wall sits, and even lunges are easy exercises you can do just standing at your desk.

There are many things you can do at work to get even the smallest workout in. They may not be an intense exercise that drenches you in sweat, but when your day is as busy as everyone else’s, anything you can do can help your physical health. Even taking the stairs rather than the elevator is a simple thing to do everyday to help your physical health.

home-exercise-picAt Home

It is a bit more challenging to try to get a workout in while driving your kids around, but getting it done at home is more doable. You can do the same exercises that you did at your desk in the kitchen, while making dinner. Do lunges while you pick toys up off the floor, calf raises as you wash the dishes, and do standing leg curls while chopping veggies.

You can even get some muscle strengthening activities in while laying in bed reading to your kids. Simply just raise your legs and hold them in the air, this works the ab muscles. Or do a plank while reading, this may be more challenging but everyone knows that a  plank is a great workout.

It is simple to stay active throughout your day, while at work, cooking dinner, or even laying in bed. But if you feel like you have a little extra time in the day, or that these desk workout just aren’t cutting it, then maybe you should look into a personal trainer. They can help you reach your goals faster, stay on track, and motivate you to be your best. Bystol Performance Center can help you get started on your fitness goals, with sports performance training in Highland Park.