As a competitive athlete, injuries are just another part of the game. You realize your chances of getting injured are high, especially in full contact sports. Every part of your body, every bone, muscle, and ligament is at risk of getting injured every time you play the game you love.

To avoid injuries, you need to pay attention to how you are treating your body both on and off the field. Here are some tips to avoiding sport related injuries:

Rest Your Injury

This seems like a common sense way to protect yourself from becoming more injured. Some athletes are more unlucky than others when it comes to sport related injuries. They get hurt over and over again, and sometimes that is because they are not letting their injuries heal enough before they try playing again. That is the best way to keep an injury from healing. When you are battling an injury, the best way to win is to let it rest and heal properly.

Learn Proper Forms and Techniques

Another reason why some of your teammates are constantly getting injured is most likely due to their lack of or improper stretching, conditioning, and training techniques. But honestly, even the overuse of muscles can lead to injury as well.

Avoiding injuries can be simple if you have the right training and know how to stretch, exercise, and work the problem areas of your body. Proper form is one of the best ways to avoid injuries while you are on the field. Even one small tweak from poor form can cause a bigger injury than you would imagine.

Along with proper form and techniques, you also need proper protective gear. This includes helmets, pads of any and all kinds, and whatever else is needed to avoid injuries depending on the sport you are playing.

dreamstime_xxl_27154754Warm Up and Cool Down

This, again, seems obvious. Warming up your muscles and getting the blood pumping through your body allows your body to loosen up before a tough workout. Imagine a cold rubber band. If you stretch it as far as it can be stretched it will most likely snap. If you first take that rubber band and slowly stretch it, working it up to its full potential, there is a lot better chance of its survival. It is a similar story with your muscles.

Cooling down is just as important. It allows your muscles to breathe after a tough workout, reduces stiffness, and allows your muscles to recover properly.

There are so many different ways an athlete can get injured, ways that seem ridiculous and can be frustrating to the athlete. These injuries take a long time to heal but the worst part is they can easily be prevented. With proper technique, equipment, training, and common sense, avoiding injuries is not as hard as it seems.

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