History of Head Trainer/Owner Mike Bystol

Bystol started his strength-coaching career after attending East Carolina University in 1992. Once out of college, Coach Charles Poliquin selected Bystol for his mentorship program. Charles Poliquin, a world-renowned strength coach, has received the prestigious label as “Top 5 most successful strength coaches in the world”. When asked about his internship with Poliquin, Bystol states: “I learned more in the first week than I did in my four years at college”.
Bystol’s success as a football player at East Carolina allowed him to connect and communicate with other top athletes. Poliquin quickly noticed this inherent skill and hired Bystol to work with another Poliquin intern. This opportunity allowed Bystol to run elite hockey camps for the top hockey agencies throughout Canada. After proving to Poliquin that he had the potential to be a preeminent strength coach, Poliquin continued to use Bystol on similar projects in the following years. Bystol was quickly recognized as one of Poliquin’s top students, a recognition few receive from one of the world’s best strength coaches.
The relationship between Poliquin and Bystol proved to be a dominant combination in the strength-training world. When Poliquin decided to take a more conservative role in coaching, he left Bystol with an enormous responsibility to continue the Poliquin legacy of strength training. Bystol opened his own training institute in the Chicago area under the label of Poliquin Performance Center Chicago (PPC-C). He decided to use the Poliquin name out of respect and admiration for Charles Poliquin, and to continue the superlative reputation of Poliquin training. Twenty years later, Poliquin and Bystol remain close friends.

Poliquin Performance Center Chicago (PPC-C)

Poliquin Performance Center proved to be a crucial stepping-stone in allowing Bystol to becoming a top strength coach in the United States. A state-of-the-art facility, it was a 12,000 square foot complex that offered premiere sports performance based upon one-on-one personal training. Containing a variety of cutting edge equipment, including Atlantis and Hammer Strength, PPC-C quickly became one of the most exclusive strength training facilities in the world. PPC-C clients varied from amateur to professional athletes. But regardless of the trainee, PPC-C offered the best one-on-one personal training the Midwest had to offer. Bystol was the owner and head trainer of PPC-C, operating as a P.I.C.P level 4 coach.

The transformation of Poliquin Performance Center Chicago to Bystol Performance Center

As Charles Poliquin’s reputation continued to grow, his international training business was forced to go corporate. In 2013, Bystol and Poliquin agreed that it would be more efficient for Bystol to break away from the Poliquin name. Bystol then created the Bystol Performance Center (BPC). BPC offers the same Poliquin coaching principles and still requires the same Poliquin certification that Poliquin would otherwise use to employ strength coaches. Bystol decided that it was time for him stand on his own in able to teach the best strength training in the United States while keeping away from the commercial monster Poliquin was becoming. Bystol is still the only coach in the United States that can pick up the phone and call Poliquin for training advice and questions. This capability has allowed Bystol to remain as one of the top strength coaches in the United States.

Bystol’s determination to continue an esteemed strength-training facility was eventually what prompted him to create BPC. No corporate crap, just a one way road to getting his clients the strongest and fastest they could possibly be.

Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin is a native of Ottawa, Ontario. He has trained numerous Olympic and Professional athletes. He has published several books, many of which have been translated into 12 different languages. As a columnist, he has written over 600 articles in numerous publications. Poliquin’s first book, The Poliquin Principles, formatted a basic summary of his training methods and provided insight into the training regimens of some of the world’s top athletes. Poliquin, who is fluent in English, French, and German, also promoted and helped popularize German Volume Training.

Poliquin founded and opened the Poliquin Strength Institute in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, where he trains and coaches in the Poliquin International Certification also know as P.I.C.P. As a part of the certification program, he teaches a body hormone profiling method called BioSignature Modulation, which he invented.