Program Benefits

Bystol Performance Center provides the best coaches and minds in sport performance to you.  We assess each individual athlete to tailor the most optimal program for their needs and goals.  We do not just make our athletes stronger or faster we make them better athletes and safer athletes.  High lights in our program are emphasized on Posterior Chain Development, Speed/Agility, Strength and Power, Hip/Knee/Ankle injury prevention and mobility.

  • Increased Functional Strength.
  • Develop Muscular Strength and Strength Endurance.
  • Increase Lateral, Linear Directional Speed and Agility.
  • Injury Prevention and mobility (Knee, Hip, Ankle, Lower Back).
  • Nutrition Program for Increased Energy/Muscle Recovery.
  • Develop Quicker more Efficient Foot Work Skills.

Advanced Athletic Assessment

All athletes entering the BPC Program will go through our world-renown Advanced Athletic Assessment.  BPC’s unique testing process allows our professional coaches to evaluate an athlete’s abilities and identify any weaknesses or potential areas for injury.  Power, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, nutrition and body composition are all tested to give us a baseline of where the athlete is prior to beginning the program.  The data is then analyzed by our Certified P.I.C.P coaches and personalized workout and nutrition program is designed.  Strength and speed programs are frequently changed during the course of the program to create continuous stress and demand on the athlete’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nervous system.  BPC advanced assessment, superior program design, individual attention and top level coaches guarantees each and every athlete will be given the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential.