Bystol Performance Center (BPC) delivers athletic-based and adult personal training programs, expert coaching, and the latest in sports therapy. Rated the #1 personal training club in Chicago, BPC holds a diverse list of clientele ranging from professional athletes to individuals of varied fitness, health, and lifestyle aspirations.

Since 1994, Bystol Performance Center has helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals and full potential through their expertise and extensive education in the field of exercise science and sports medicine. The coaching staff at BPC includes some of the country’s most renowned sports performance coaches and personal trainers that are well educated, highly motivated, and passionate exercise physiologists.

Every personal training program is designed specifically and individually for each client based on the results of their Structural Balance Assessment , BioPrint Analysis, and desired goals. In addition to a first-class team, our world class 25,000 sq. ft. training center features 14,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art weight room, 50 yards of pro turf, as well as, some of the most innovative and quality strength and therapy equipment available today.

Guided with relentless passion for results, BPC will educate, empower, and motivate you to achieve all your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, sculpt the body of your dreams, improve your golf or tennis game, or you simply want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. BPC is your answer!

Benefits of BPC Personal Training:

  • Weight loss / Fat Burning / Toning
  • Boost strength flexibility and cardiovascular health
  • Build stamina, endurance, and increase energy levels
  • Injury prevention and injury rehab
  • Maximize results with minimal amount of time
  • Motivation, variety, overcome plateaus
  • Learn proper technique and form
  • Finally get the results you have been looking for

Contact us today to learn more about our personal training. If you are an athlete, be sure to check out our sports performance training.