Bystol Performance Hockey Strength & Conditioning Program

Bystol Performance Center (BPC) is headed up by Strength & Conditioning expert Mike Bystol. BPC is recognized as the top sports performance training facility in the Midwest with over 2 decades of experience training hockey players.

In January 2014 Bystol Performance Center “formally Poliquin Performance Center” relocated from Northfield to Highland Park. The new location is 2x the size with a 55 yard pro-turf field and 22,000 sq feet of sport specific training equipment.

Program Benefits

Speed, Power, Strength and Acceleration wins hockey games. Top level teams recruit offensive players that can get to the puck first, accelerate away from defenders and shoot the hardest with pin-point accuracy. Defensive players must have powerful lateral movement, hit hard and have the ability to clear the net. Bystol Performance hockey strength and conditioning program is specifically designed to dramatically improve every aspect of your hockey game by increasing flexibility, speed, strength and power.

With over two decades of experience combined with our unique speed and strength training program you will become faster, stronger and a more dominant player. Injury prevention also plays a significant role in our program. BPC initially focuses on restoring flexibility while strengthening the stabilizer muscles of the core, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle, areas often neglected in other training programs.

  • Increased Functional Strength.
  • Linear, Lateral, & Change of Direction Speed Enhancement.
  • Develop Explosive Shooting Power.
  • Increased Flexibility/ Correct Muscle Imbalances & Decrease Risk of Injury.
  • Gain 15-25 lbs. of Muscle & Achieve Optimal Body Comp for Hockey.
  • Nutrition Program for Increased Energy / Enhanced Muscle Growth.
  • Faster Recovery Between Shifts and Games.

Advanced Athletic Assessment

All athletes entering the BPC Program will go through our world-renown Advanced Athletic Assessment. BPC’s unique testing process allows our professional coaches to evaluate an athlete’s abilities and identify any weaknesses or potential areas for injury. Power, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, nutrition and body composition are all tested to give us a baseline of where the athlete is prior to beginning the program.
The data is then analyzed by our Certified P.I.C.P Coaches and a personalized workout and nutrition program is designed. Strength and speed programs are frequently changed during the course of the program to create continuous stress and demand on the athlete’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nervous system.
BPC advanced assessment, superior program design, individual attention and top level coaches guarantees each and every athlete will be given the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential.

Functional Hockey Training

Through experience, research and results, BPC has developed one of the most successful hockey strength and conditioning programs in the Country. Athletes will learn how to properly perform variations of weight room, plyometric and speed exercises specifically designed to improve on ice performance. BPC athletes will also be exposed to dozens of our grueling Functional Hockey Training (FHT) exercises. These exercises have shown to develop unparalleled strength, speed and power by forcing the body to transfer the strength gained in the weight room directly to the ice.
For more information on BPC hockey strength and conditioning program please view our training articles on our sports performance web page

BPC Testimonials

“I came into the Bystol Performance Center not knowing what to expect. Now approaching my eighth summer under BPC’s management, I am very confident in the direction I am heading. I have become a much stronger, faster, and more explosive player because of it. I would not be where I am today without BPC.”
Matt Lindblad, D1 Scholarship Dartmouth, NHL Boston Bruins
  “I can still remember the first time walking into BPC as a freshman in high school as I was searching for some edge that could help me make a difference at the AAA level. Well thanks to BPC, I was able to accomplish that and much more by winning a NCAA National Championship with Yale. I would have never been able to experience this if it wasn’t for BPC and for that I am thoroughly grateful. BPC made my dream become a reality.”
Josh Balch, D1 Scholarship Yale University, NCCA National Hockey Champions
  “I began training at BPC two years ago and have become bigger, faster, and stronger which has dramatically increased my performance on the ice. While playing Junior A Hockey in the British Columbia Hockey League, I noticed how much my summer training was helping me throughout the year. I was able to earn myself a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin. The atmosphere created by the BPC staff helps athletes like myself feel the need to work hard and push my limits every time I’m there. The new facility is top notch and has all the essentials for athletes looking to become successful.”
Matt Ustaski: D1 Scholartship University of Wisconsin, BCHL Langley Rivermen Junior A Hockey
“I have worked with Mike at Bystol Performance Center since I was 14. BPC has helped me take my body to a whole new level that has directly translated to my on ice performance. The environment that Mike creates makes you want to work harder and push your body further then you ever thought you could. BPC helped me earn a D1 scholarship to Miami of Ohio and an oppurtunity in the NHL.”
Steve Spinell, D1 Scholarship Miami Of Ohio NHL Boston Bruins