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What separates Great Trainers from Good trainers? The ability to properly assess a new client and develop a specific individualized training program based upon data collected. CP

Every new client that trains with BPC will be evaluated under our world renown structural balance test. During this 60-90 minute evaluation we will discuss your medical history and clients goals. Postural alignment, core and back strength, gait, flexibility, muscular strengths, weaknesses, musculoskeletal imbalances, body composition, mobility and movement restrictions are all tested.

The data obtained from these tests along with the goals and lifestyle of the client will give our professional coaches the information needed to design a specific training regimen that is individualized, safe, efficient and effective.

Discover BPC and find out the difference between simply exercising verses having a professional team create a specific training program designed for you and your fitness goals.

No matter what your fitness level is, what seems impossible today will one day be your warmup. Call today for your FREE Consultation




A postural assessment takes the guesswork out of choosing which exercises to use for a particular client and allows a trainer to select the best exercises for each client’s individual needs.


  • The client will receive a more effective, personalized workout for his or her specific needs.
  • The client is working with a fitness professional who takes the time to identify a client’s specific muscular alignment helping to create the most effective exercise program that will minimize the risk of injury.

Taking the time to do a postural assessment on a client is analogous to a mechanic driving a car before taking the time to make the necessary repairs.  Just like the mechanic needs to drive the car to identify the specific issue a trainer any potential muscle imbalances and create a proper stretching and strengthening exercise program.

The best trainers perform thorough and complete assessments when working with a new client, before doing anything else.

Good assessments are the only way to gain real knowledge of a client and make the critical coaching decisions — without which you have about a snowball’s chance in hell at seeing real results.

If you’re not put through a thorough battery of assessments in your first session, RUN.

The best trainers and nutritionists keep detailed statistics of their clients. They track client adherence. They log how their clients’ bodies are changing and over what time period. They record performance and lifestyle changes. They keep photo albums with before and after photos.