Corrective exercise is meant to solve a dysfunction in your athletic ability to help avoid, prevent, and improve pains and injuries and give your exercises more impact on your body. Doing an exercise wrong can cause injury or have no effect on your body, causing your workout to go to waste and you to be no closer to your fitness goals.

At Bystol Performance Center, we give assistance and advice to our personal training and sports training clients, helping them prevent injury and get closer to their goal each time they work with our trainers and coaches.

Corrective exercise is not a one-size-fits-all plan. Which is why you want a BPC trainer or coach to walk you through it and help you solve whatever problem you may have. Athletes, especially, can benefit from corrective exercise. A football player with a hip or shoulder that constantly causes him pain could experience less pain, or even no more pain with corrective exercises that our coach designs for him.

For those going through personal training, a problem you may experience in your everyday life can be lessened with corrective exercises. Bad posture causing you back pain, joint pain, neck pain, and even migraines can be improved with corrective treatments.

But corrective exercises aren’t only beneficial to your current problems, they can also help prevent future pains or injuries. With for both athletes and anyone else, is a good thing.  

The BPC coaches and trainers can help show you the correct postures, movements, and how not to do an exercise to avoid further injury, to help you get your problem taken care of. Getting you back on the field and closer to your overall fitness goals.

If you have a problem, pain, or want to avoid any future injuries and think that corrective exercises could help you, contact us today and get the best tips from our coaches and trainers.